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I am a line producer on a mission to tell stories that matter — the kind that educate, that build respect and complicate things in thoughtful ways. That’s what keeps me in the field, working like hell to stay honest and to tell the stories I believe need telling in the most extraordinary ways possible. I am lucky to be doing work that I love every minute of the day. 

I love a life that transports me to the far corners of the earth. To me life is enthralling in Paris, laid back in Spain and dazzling in Hong Kong. On my travels, on the photos of faces that I take, and through the documentaries I work on, I see the human experience re-invented each day.

In my mind, the documentary is an expression of life fuelled by a curiosity that scrutinises the past, contemplates the present and envisions the future. My gaze fixes on urban cultures, the French Touch in design and architecture, museums and other inspired places, and also on nature where wildlife still hold on to much of their mysteries.

You can’t make documentaries without ethics, so I spend a lot of time defining mine. Thousands of challenging decisions, two decades of experience and countless times in the field have all led me to one sure conclusion. It is better to work as a freelancer for only one film than on many at a time.


RHK STUDIO supports its clients in different fields of organization and management for documentaries, movies, and VR 360 content. 

We help producers (or broadcasters) to move their projects forward in otherwise complicated market environments.

Filmmaking is a time-consuming process and Richard helps make progress by applying his knowledge and skills to overcome tight launch timelines.

RHK’s expertise encompasses pitching ideas, sourcing finance, fusing partnerships, in-depth research, storyline planning, content development, enlisting artistic input, and production scheduling to tell great stories. We have extensive experience in managing production budgets of up to millions of Euros. 

We operate on a global scale with a presence in both Paris and Hong Kong. 

Our clients are top global companies, mainly French and European, and we have a long list of private and public partners. We have worked closely with French documentary makers, have an in-depth knowledge of the French television industry, and maintain extensive relationships worldwide.

RHK STUDIO’s expertise utilises Richard Heyraud's extensive 20-year experience as an on-the-lot producer and unit production manager. He has worn many hats in over 100 projects, ranging from set planner to post production scheduler, and from contract manager to film crew leader. Richard has a solid track record in successfully completing high quality creative and focussed productions within tight deadlines and strict budget.



Richard Heyraud


Richard has always loved wildlife and untouched environments. Growing up surrounded by the ancient mountains and extinct volcanoes of Auvergne, near Clermont-Ferrand. Much of his growing up was spent behind a camera in the wilds of central France. Richard’s youthful curiosity for all things untamed invariably led him to a profession in documentary recording of the wildest animals in the most remote locations on earth.

He graduated from the Academy of Audiovisual Creation (ESRA) in Paris.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Cinematography and Literature.

Leho Go


While she has no formal education in documentary film production, Leho Go’s unique ability to sit and stay still makes her a valuable member of any production crew. Her emotional contribution to RHK Studio cannot be overstated.


RHK-STUDIO / Richard Heyraud

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